Land Purchased for Gainesville Cohousing Community

Future site of Gainesville CohousingWe’re one step closer. Gainesville Cohousing is excited to announce the closing on the property of the organization’s new home. The purchase of the 4.75-acre plot of land in northwest Gainesville was made on Feb.7. It will lead to a cooperative, sustainable and inter-generational community. The property is within walking distance to great shopping and restaurants, including Thornebrook Village, as well as an excellent school zone.

Gainesville Cohousing is planning on having 24 new homes built in the community. There are already 11 families that plan to live there. Construction of the community should begin towards the end of 2014. Gainesville Cohousing will be hosting an event in March to celebrate the property closing.

Prospective members are invited to explore details of Gainesville Cohousing by calling us at 727-692-2735. To learn more about cohousing communities in general, you can visit the website of the Cohousing Association of the United States.

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