GHC in the Time of Coronavirus


During especially difficult times it’s especially gratifying to live in a community like Gainesville Cohousing. Like the rest of the country, our lives have been affected by the social distancing requirements to Covid-19. But we do have some important compensations. The community is designed so that people may walk down the street and encounter any number of neighbors sitting out on their front porches. We can easily converse with one another from a safe distance. Our business meetings are now conducted via Zoom, and once a week we also go online to check in with one another, an important emotional safety valve.

But there is no substitution for the living presence of other humans, so each Wednesday evening, weather permitting, we gather in a large circle outdoors. We are spaced apart the requisite six feet. This new ritual was originally dubbed a “wine and whine party,” but there has been far more laughter than complaints, and it’s drawn us even closer to each other.

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