Got Questions?


Whenever I have the opportunity to talk about Gainesville Cohousing, I take it! Sometimes it’s intentional at an event designed for outreach and other times it’s while sitting in the dentist’s chair with my mouth half-full of cotton. One of the things that makes our growing community special is that all of our members are doing the same thing every day! They are talking about cohousing with friends, neighbors, and strangers. We do it because we are so excited about living in a way that reduces our footprint, builds connections with our neighbors, and shares resources with our friends. Sometimes talking about cohousing can be challenging because of misconceptions that people new to the idea may have. One misconception that people have when they hear about cohousing for the first time is that we are building a commune. Another common statement I hear is, “Oh, I could never do that. I need my privacy.” Sometimes people even think that we are all going to live in the same house!¬†Imagine the line for the bathroom!!


So maybe you have questions about our project or you know someone that does. No Problem! Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions on our webpage.

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