Gainesville Cohousing Featured in Giggle Magazine

Giggle April-May CoverGainesville Cohousing, and its family-friendly approach to living, has been featured in the April/May issue of Giggle MagazineThe article is followed by a full-page advertisement for Gainesville Cohousing and on the opposite page from that, there is a full page feature about Earth Day. In the article, our very own Burt Kempner explains what cohousing is and why it has become a national movement.

The article, entitled Cohousing: A Family-Friendly Approach to Living, focuses on why cohousing is so important to its members, and what Gainesville Cohousing’s recently acquired 4.75-acre lot has to offer.  The Gainesville Cohousing community is designed in an eco-friendly fashion, featuring individual homes as well as common facilities for the entire community to enjoy.

According to future resident Brooks Nelson, “Our goal is to offer efficient appliances, passive and active solar, geothermal heat pumps, insulation, airflow via cupolas, water conservation, rain collection, cisterns, grey water re-use, low footprint, gardening, native landscaping and xeriscaping.”

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