Community Steps


Two years doesn’t seem like a long time to most people, but in the world of building a neighborhood from scratch it can feel like an eternity, (especially when you want to move in, like, yesterday)! Gainesville Cohousing has come a long way since that very first meeting two years ago in October. That very first discussion centered around two things: how we will make decisions and how to get people interested and invested. Ever since then everything about us has grown. Our meetings have become bigger, more organized, and the food is amazing! We have gone from anxiously looking for property to owning 4.75 acres of some of the best property in Northwest Gainesville. We have surveyed, tested, planned, and partied on that land. We have drawn and redrawn plans with the help of our Architect and future resident, Andy Kaplan, and now even the city of Gainesville is happy enough with the plans that our civil engineer has begun work on them! We are now 15 families strong! Those families have officially called “Dibs!” on the house  location of their choice and we only have 9 more slots left! Most importantly, we have grown as friends and extended family. Like any family, we get frustrated and disagree, but we work it out because we care for each other and want to make Gainesville Cohousing a loving home for all of us.

We are so thankful to The Fine Print for highlighting our growing community!
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